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Sam Gaw is a media publisher and serial entrepreneur. After working his way up the corporate ladder in the banking world, Sam found himself the Regional Director of IT and Mortgage Operations of a large national bank by mid-20's. In 2000, Sam started a web design company and started numerous company-owned websites. In 2003, Sam started a string of award-winning monthly faith based newspapers that he sold in 2006. Between 2006-2009, Sam started and sold the rights to two more companies.

Through his company, Flashpoint Media, Sam has built an impressive list of media properties and success stories. He has helped produce 2 movies, directed a family travel TV show (Kiddin' Around USA), and has secured the rights to a number of screenplays as well as the movie rights to popular fictional books.

He has helped companies and non-profits worldwide with their webdesign, SEO, and social media needs using his expertise in Wordpress, HTML, CSS, PHP, SharePoint and MySQL. Sam has an eye for both user experience and white-hat search engine optimization. Recently Sam has found a niche contracting out his services to large manufacturing companies worldwide helping them with their website design and development needs.

Recently Sam sold a news-aggregator website,, that he ran to a large public company. While the one page site hit 1 million impressions a month, the sale was based on the SEO that Sam created. While a web designer, web developer, and business owner, Sam excels in SEO, SEM, social media, and new business creation. He has built a large and diverse portfolio of media products due to his wide variety of experiences.


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